Tips on How to Plan a Honeymoon in the US during Coronavirus

Tips on How to Plan a Honeymoon in the US during Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has affected a lot of things around the world, and it has left a huge cloud of uncertainty all around the future. People who intend to get married can no longer have much of their friends over at the wedding due to the COVID-19 health guidelines. So most of them have been forced to conduct their marriages using online channels, virtually which happens to reduce the number of people who might attend the ceremony.

Besides, the Coronavirus pandemic has also affected honeymoon vacations, as the tourism and travel sector of various countries have taken a huge hit. What would have been easy planning using the companies like alfresco holidays to source for ideal destinations for honeymoon has now become difficult as the process is far more now complicated to plan or prepare for.

However, it is still very possible to enjoy one’s honeymoon even with the Coronavirus pandemic round the world. You can still get to have that dream cottage honeymoon getaway you’ve always wanted.

In the subsequent part of this article, we shall be showing you some tips on how to plan a successful honeymoon in the U.S amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Let’s delve in!

Do your research and be on the lookout

 Regardless of the Coronavirus pandemic, whenever looking to plan a honeymoon it is important you research extensively on the ideas, destination, and several other things. This process is now even more critical because of the Coronavirus pandemic. A lot of popular honeymoon locations have now taken up strict guidelines and safety regulations in regard to directives from world health organisations to ensure the safety of their guests as the COVID-19 virus affects the world differently. Still, travel has been greatly affected, and that means that most people may not be able to go to their desired honeymoon location.

For best experience, you should find out about the current situation, events, and necessary data while also being on the lookout for any information by WHO or CDC. This is because the information provided by these experts is what you can only trust.

Decide your comfort zone

The first step you should take is to have a clear definition of your comfort zone. And since you might most likely be in America, you, should, however, pick a location within the country.

Decide if you are flying or driving

This is also a very impotent decision to make. If you are within the United States, you should consider driving if your honeymoon destination is close by. After all, driving can be fun. But if you decide that you are going to be flying, it’s still a good option. Airlines are now more health-conscious, and you should be comfortable with wearing a mask for the period the flight will last. Also check the restrictions in your travel destination, as some states require that you quarantine for about 14 days upon your arrival.

Check your passport date of expiration

If you decide that you will be flying during your trip, then you should check to make sure your passport is not set to expire in the next one or two years. If it is, then you should begin a paper filling immediately. Usually, America requires about at least six months validity left on your passport and since there are so many restrictions currently, you should be on the safer side.

Research your destination and hotel choice

This is perhaps the most crucial part of your honeymoon. There are scandal factors you need to consider when researching for the right hotel choice and your travel destination. First thing you should be on the lookout for is the policy of the hotel you are considering, ensure that they have the standard COVID-19 protocols put in place which as social distancing in the hotel area, wearing of face mask, and regular cleaning of the rooms with sanitizer; you can visit the website of the hotel for this information, or simply call them. Take careful consideration to know the situation of things in your honeymoon destination. Find out how things work currently, as most of these locations now offer a reservation option due to the Coronavirus pandemic, so you might have to book those romantic dinners ahead of time.

Stay informed about new travel restrictions

You should be on the constant lookout for any sort of new information regarding the travel restrictions of your honeymoon location. That way, you won’t run into any mishaps.

Do a COVID test 72 hours before you travel

This is important because some airlines, and also possibly, your travel destination will require a negative result for your COVID-19 test before you will be allowed into that state.

Following all these tips gives you the right process to enjoy your honeymoon. Now sit back and treat that darling spouse of yours well, they deserve everything nice.

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