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4 Steps to the Perfect Picnic

4 Steps to the Perfect Picnic

Warm weather brings with it some of the best outdoor activities. From beach trips to canoeing, there’s no shortage of things to do once the temperature picks up. One of the most enjoyable outdoor activities in the warmer months is picnicking. Not only can you enjoy a picnic virtually anywhere, but it also doesn’t take long to throw a great spread together.

If you’re planning to vacation at one of the many cabins Beavers Bend has available, you should consider including a picnic on your itinerary. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect picnic.

Pick the Perfect Spot

The first step to planning your picnic should be choosing the best spot. You’ll want something shady, away from areas where there are a lot of bugs, and in a location where you can spread out and be comfortable.

Bring a Blanket

A lightweight blanket that keeps your food off of the ground is a must for any picnic. Not only will your blanket help keep bugs away, but it will also make it easy to clean up once you’re done eating.

Don’t Overpack

Make sure you don’t overdo it when packing up your basket. Bring just enough food, drinks, and dinnerware for the people in your group. Packing right is especially important if your picnic won’t be within easy walking distance to your vehicle.

Bring a Trash Bag

Try to bring food items that aren’t wrapped in plastic or any other disposable packaging. Not only is it better for the environment, but it will decrease how much you need to carry back with you when you leave. For all other items that you’ll need to toss, though, you should always include a trash bag in your basket.

If you remember these tips when you start planning your picnic, you’ll be sure to have a great time. Once you have your perfect picnic planned, don’t forget to come up with a few games or activities you and your companions can enjoy once you’re done eating. … Read More..