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3 Simple Ways To Enhance the Beauty of Your Yard

3 Simple Ways To Enhance the Beauty of Your Yard

Looking to enhance the beauty of your yard, but don’t want to dedicate too much extra time to do it? Here are three tried and true landscape design tips that will take any outdoor space to the next level.

1. Install a Pond

A simple pond can transform any landscape from ordinary to extraordinary. Find a suitable site and dig a space for the pond. Line your new pond area with heavy duty black plastic, or purchase a pre-made pond liner from your local hardware store. Fill the pond with water plants like dwarf waterlilies or water hyacinths. Make sure you employ a system of aquatic weed control to keep your new pond healthy and green.

2. Keep Your Trees

Many people think that old trees should be removed from a property in order to improve its appearance. In fact, the opposite is true – established trees add visual interest and greenery to a landscape, and they also provide some much-needed shade. If you’re thinking about removing your trees, contact a local arborist first. A good arborist will be able to nurse sickly trees back to health and ensure that your healthy trees stay that way.

3. Improve the Lawn

A healthy lawn lays the green foundation for your overall landscape design strategy. When you’re going about making your landscaping improvements, don’t forget to give your grass some added attention. Regular mowing and trimming is necessary during the summer months, but be sure to perform yearly aeration to give your lawn the drainage channels it needs to stay properly hydrated. After aeration, apply a sandy top-dressing mixture to preserve the channels.

A little extra attention is all it takes to improve the appearance of your home’s landscape. By keeping these tips in mind as you care for your yard, you’ll impress your guests and receive more enjoyment from your outdoor space.… Read More..