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Top Itineraries When Planning to Go to Canada

Top Itineraries When Planning to Go to Canada

It is always exciting to go on a travel and explore different cultures and surroundings. Canada, with three oceans as its borders, offers lots of interesting sights to see. Maybe you already applied for Canada ETA, or you are still processing your Canada ETA application. Either way, it is never too late or too soon to create your itinerary to visit and admire the country.


West Coast and Vancouver

From wherever you are around the globe, you already probably heard of Vancouver. It is popular for its ski town called Whistler. You can take the bus or bring your car to get there.  Also, you can cross to Victoria via ferry.

Vancouver and Victoria may take seven days for you to tour. While you are in Victoria, you may choose various side trips like going to Salt Spring Island by riding another ferry.  There are also local farms where you can enjoy the nature or the artisan studios if you are into art.

If you love a seaside lodge, you can drive to Vancouver Island going to Tofino. You can surf or enjoy the walk by the beaches along the Pacific Rim National Park.

Renting a car would make your point-to-point journey simple. You can also enjoy the trip without thinking of catching a train or bus. However, public transport might be cheaper, and you do not have to think of taking your vehicle into the ferry.


Western Canada

The West is a head-turner with its scenic locations and tourist spots. It is where you can find the Canadian Rockies. Your route can start from Calgary and end in Vancouver or vice versa. Whichever direction you choose, this seven-day trip is undoubtedly worth it.

En route to Kelowna and adore the Banff National Park along with the exquisite Lake Okanagan. The road is pretty endless because from there, you can take turns that will lead you to Jasper, Icefields Parkway, and finally to Calgary.

In Kelowna, you can also delight in the outstanding ski hills of Silver Star and Big White. The place is the perfect destination if you enjoy being one with nature.

In this route, you will also see the magnificent beauty of Lake Louise where you can relish the landscape where the water touches the sky.


Toronto and Montreal in Central Canada

Toronto has always been the city that serves as the prime point of arrival for many travelers that land in Canada. It is where you can start your excursion by visiting the jaw-dropping Niagara Falls during the day. You can book for tours to the falls, and it typically includes a stopover to the Niagara-on-the-Lake, a little small town at the mouth of the Niagara River.

From the city of Toronto, you can take the train or drive to Ottawa. Here you would see different national museums and Parliament Hill.

Meanwhile, there is Montreal where you can travel after coming from Ottawa. However, if you are already in Toronto, you can … Read More..