Family Activities for Every Season

Family Activities for Every Season

Happy family enjoying on a picnic at the park while mother is giving them cookies for snack.

As the seasons change, you might sometimes find yourself running out of ideas for family activities that will keep you, your spouse and your kids entertained and satisfied. Read on for a few fun seasonal ideas.


As nature bursts into bloom, you and your family might embark on a series of educational hikes. Brush up on your skills, and teach your kids how to identify various plants, animals and birds. Look at the clouds, too, and talk about how weather changes as spring arrives. You can even collect some natural materials to use in craft projects later.


Summer typically beckons families outdoors for everything from camping to swimming to boating. You could also organize a fun scavenger hunt for your kids and their friends or even for the whole neighborhood. You can either hide small items around your yard or block and make up a checklist for the players (with whoever finding the most objects as the winner), or you can invite players to search for natural objects (like a type of flower) and take pictures of them with their phones. Kids will learn while they play.


Autumn is a time to gather around a cozy fire and tell stories. You might do this on a final camping trip for the season, or you could use a portable fire pit in your own backyard. Ask family members to come up with original stories, perhaps reflecting a particular theme. Then gather some snacks, and enjoy an evening of creativity.


In the winter, you might be inclined to snuggle up indoors, but you should also consider taking your family on an outdoor adventure like the Algonquin Park snowmobile tours. You’ll love seeing the beautiful sights in the crisp winter air. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and to enjoy talking over the events of the day around a cozy fire in the evening.

Your family can enjoy year-round fun with just a little creativity and the commitment to appreciate life together.

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