7 tech-savvy ways to improve your restaurant sales

With the aid of technology, restaurants can deliver stellar customer service consistently. Check UK.collected.reviews for other ways that restaurants can improve their customer service.

From online polls, telecom providers reviewed that restaurants that use high-tech telecoms noticed a significant increase in profits and a substantial reduction in operational cost. Let us look at five ways that high-tech telecoms can boost growth for restaurants.

1.     Online Ordering:

In 2015, consumers spent up to £20 billion on food delivery and £3 billion out of the amount were from online orders. According to a survey, 20% of people order food online at least once a week, allowing restaurants that have websites where one can order food online to leverage that for more sales.Given the opportunity to order food online without pressure, consumers will, no doubt, order more food.

2.     Improved Front-End Operations:

Based on the order history of the customer, technology can help you suggest and upsell items.Instead of using traditional menu boards, use digital menu boards as they are more attractive. Also, consumers can order food by themselves without the help of a waiter with the aid of a self-ordering kiosk. Streamlining your restaurant front-end operations will surely help you in reducing the stress of performing daily tasks.

3.     More Efficient Kitchen Operations:

We have talked about how technology affects front-end operations. Now, let us look at how it affects the back-end operations. The food, which is the heart of a restaurant, is cooked in the kitchen (back-end). The time it would take to prepare the food, menu, clean, and generate kitchen waste should be checked from time to time.A restaurant management POS makes keeping an inventory check very easy.

4.     Improved Customer Engagement:

Being visible to your customers is the only way to make sales and this is the major reason why promoting your restaurant and communicating with your customers is very important. It is advisable to promote your restaurants online instead of offline because it is pocket-friendly and can reach out to more people. You can use your website as a means of informing your customers about any new updates in your restaurant and you can also start email and SMS marketing with the information on your customer database.

5.     Wireless Connectivity:

According to research, people spend 5 hours on their phones daily. Providing Wi-Fi for your customers makes them able to browse and connect to the internet and at the same time, still feel comfortable. The fact that they can surf the internet without destroying their data plans will make them stay longer or come back to your restaurant.

As far back as 1955, most families spent up to 25% of the money they allocated for food in restaurants. Today, that number has increased to 47%. By using modern technology, restaurants make customers feel in charge and this makes them spend more money. For these reasons and more, restaurants should embrace the use of high-tech telecoms to boost sales and ultimately grow and expand.

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