Know How Self Pack International Shipping

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If you are moving overseas and would like the opportunity to do self-packing and save money, then self pack international shipping company is the solution to help you. It is the cheapest way to move overseas. The company will provide all the shipping service.


So you don’t have to worry all of your properties. When you are moving overseas, self-pack shipping containers are an ideal alternative to expensive international removalist. Self pack international shipping containers will be necessary for you. And what is the company’s role in the self-pack shipping process? Read the article below.

  1. The company will book the shipping container from your origin port to your destination port
  2. The company will transport the container to the destination or to a location that you choose
  3. The company will give advice about what and how to pack, because packing is one of the hardest thing to do, right?
  4. The company will organize the export customs clearance
  5. The company will organize the shipping to your destination port
  6. The company will organize the destination service or refer you to a relevant company in your destination port.
  7. And what should you do in the self-pack container process?

First, you need to have access for the size of the container that you need and enough room for the container to be lifted into the place. Second, you should pack your own cartons and wrap your owns furniture and others things or maybe you can ask the company to pack your things. Take a note that not all companies can do a full service removalist, so you have to prepare to do a little more planning and work.

How to pack things to the container

1. Bike

Normally, you get a bike box when you buy the bike and it is best to put it in a bike box. But if you don’t have a bike box, you can wrap the bike in an old blanket or sheet to protect your bike.

2. Books

It is best to pack books in smaller cartoon because books can get heavy

3. Clothes

You can put the coats, jackets, suits, and dress in a box that can hang them all inside a large carton. You can also fold clothes in suitcase but your clothes will get wrinkled.

4. Kitchenware

Kitchenware, pans, and pots can be stacked into boxes with crumpled papers in between. All of those kitchenware could be broken during the shipping process. Just make sure that everything is wrapped with proper covers to avoid the broken items. And always consider the heavy of each item.

5. Dishes and glassware

For dishes and glassware needs to be wrapped separately using bubble wrap or you can use paper if you don’t have bubble wrap. A tip for you: place crumpled paper at the top and also bottom top of the carton for extra to lighten the load.

6. TV and computer

The best way to wrap TV and computer is wrapping the item in the original box and original packing. If you don’t have the original box you can wrap them I bubbles wrap then place them into box.