What is the Natural Way to Stop Sugar Cravings?

I think that we all know that you do not crave fresh baked apple pie as much just reading or thinking about it as we do when we are in a room filled with the scent of a warm pie that is just getting ready to leave the oven. This should give us some hint that our nose and our desire to eat are connected.

Ever go from fine I have to have whatever that is just be entering a restaurant or kitchen? Everyone has, but scientists have finally used this well known fact to come up with a clue to solving the problem that plagues so many of us, how to stop sugar cravings naturally, go on reading this article.

Who would finally put these pieces together? Dr. V Ruth Pinney. It is common medical knowledge that there are 12 major nerves that run from your brain to the rest of your body. 11 are connected to the brain stem, but 1 of them is connected to the lower frontal cortex, not the brain stem. The lower frontal cortex is the part of your brain that is responsible for your highest brain function. This is the area of the brain we are trying to protect with helmets when we ride a bike.

Why does the sense of smell demand its own area of the brain with the most to process complex information? If the brain stem is good enough for our complex optic nerves that give use our sight, then why not the nose? Dr. Pinney was fascinated and it made her want to dig deeper into this mystery. She opened not only her own company, but a research lab to further study the roll of smell.


What she discovered is nothing short of a miracle for those suffering with a sweet tooth. NOXO Sweets Control is a balm that you apply under your nose and it actually suppresses your brain’s desire to have sweets, in particular chocolate. NOXO Sweets Control was used in independent clinical trials and within 3 weeks individuals lost weight and stopped craving sweets.

Finally a fast, convenient way to control your sweet tooth without side effects. Simply carry it in your purse like it is lip balm and you can re-apply as needed. Very handy for the car or your office desk to fight off cravings for the treats your co-worker brought in or the drive thru sweets your family and friends get. NOXO gives you back your will power to resist sweets.

Colon Cleansing For Constipation Relief

Constipation refers to the irregular movement of bowels. When you have constipation, your stools are hard and you experience great difficulty in passing them.

You also experience bloating, the swelling of your abdomen. Constipation is a very common complaint. In fact, an average of 4 million Americans annually find that they have constipation related problems.

What is considered healthy is a bowel movement of at least once a day. If you have fewer than three bowel movements a week, you have a case of constipation. A frequencey of less than one bowel movement in a week is considered acute constipation.


Constipation and bloating should not be left untreated. On the extreme, you are at risk of developing colon cancer. Stagnant stools stored in your colon give rise to several harmful bacteria. These bacteria causes your colon linings to become inflammed; thus resulting in colon cancer.

In acute constipation, the bacteria from colon can enter other parts of your digestive system and hamper the entire digestive process. Symptoms of toxicity of your colon include eczema, acne, skin problems, weight gain, headaches, a lowered immune system and mood changes.

Colon cleansing is often recommended as a solution by natural health experts to clear the toxic waste build up.

Colon cleansing can be achieved through a detox diet plan that is rich in fiber.

Fiber retains water in the stools and eases the passage of the stools out from your body.

A fiber rich diet also helps in the growth of good bacteria. It has been found that consuming psyllium, which is high in soluble fiber, with large amounts of water helps to alleviate constipation.

An age old home remedy for constipation relief is with the use of prunes. Prunes contain a substantial mount of potassium which stimulates the linings of colon. This results in easy bowel movements. Potassium also cleans the fecal matter attached to the colon linings.

An excellent way to consume prunes is by juicing. Other rich sources of potassium including vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber and tomato and fruits like the pineapple.

Herbs for colon cleansing include aloe, senna, buckthorn and frangula. Flax seed and Rhubarb are two other herbs that alleviate the symptoms of constipation.

Finding the Health Insurance Match for the Ideal Price

It is very important to find the right health insurance match for the price that you will be paying on your health insurance. The market is full of various insurance providers that offer a range of health insurance plans. Finding the ideal health insurance plan can be a tedious exercise.

Obviously, you do not have the time or the inclination to sift through such a large volume of data that is available online. So what do you do? The easiest way is to get online health insurance quotes.

There are a number of specialist health insurance websites that provide the service of offering free insurance quotes online. As a client, you will get a list of health insurance quotes if you request for it. It is easy to compare and analyze each quote of health insurance to match your specific requirements.

You can find a policy that is not too cheap or too expensive, while also getting you the necessary health insurance coverage. Comparison shopping helps you find the ideal health insurance match to your budgeted price.

Many of us are hesitant to buy health insurance due to the costs involved. But health insurance is a necessity that cannot be ignored. For this reason, you must find health insurance to match your budget. Always consider the premium you are going to pay before deciding to buy the health insurance policy.

Every month, you will be required to pay a certain premium amount which you must plan for. It is essential that you don’t miss out on the premium payments or you may not find the coverage that you paid for incase of illness or hospitalization.

Even a basic health insurance plan is better than no insurance at all. If you cannot afford a health plan that provides all the possible coverage, find one that gives you a basic coverage. Getting free health insurance quotes online enables you to find health insurance to match your spending capacity and suits your unique needs.

How to Choose The Best Essential Oil

Do not be carried away by the phrase “pure essential oil”. It is misleading. Quality of the plant, the distillation processes, bottling, storage etc play an important part to guarantee the purity of the oil. The vender may have little idea about these.

Go for pure essential oils and not synthetic essential oils. According to aroma therapists, synthetic oils do not possess the same therapeutic properties as pure essential oils. Synthetic oils can cause headaches, allergic reactions etc. Synthetic oil can never match pure essential oil in quality. Check the color of the glass bottle. It should be dark amber or blue. If it is clear or colorless, it can permit light to pass through, thereby decaying the oil.

Essential oil has chemical action with plastic. With the result, oil in plastic container gets contaminated. So avoid plastic bottles. Aluminum bottles are acceptable with inside lining. Rubber can dissolve and contaminate the oil. So refrain from buying oil with rubber eye dropper bulb on top.

Reputed companies put the Latin name of the essential oil on the bottle in addition to the common name for the benefit of the customer to avoid confusion. The write-ups should indicate the country of manufacture and method of extraction. The country of origin is important because properties of the oil considerably depend on the climatic and soil conditions of the country.

When you come across the same prices for different oils, it is an indication that oils are synthetic. The raw materials used, their availability, their quantity, method of extraction, all these factors affect the cost. Obviously, the cost of each essential oil varies.

Avoid products from companies that supply to the food & beverage industries. Essential oils diluted with vegetable oils are to be avoided straightaway.

While sniffing the oil holds the bottle about six inches from the nose. If it is too close, the pure, strong, oil will affect your brain and cause headache.

Avoid comparing different brands of oils, scents etc continuously. Give some interval because the concentration will affect the senses such that you fail to notice the differences in the oils. Last but not the least, check for expiry date, if any.

How to Deal with the Skin Tag Removal

Everybody would definitely want to find simple tips on skin tag removal. You would not want to live with skin tags for the rest of your life, would you? Covering them up may also be not the answer as doing so could cause irritation and discomfort.

Not being able to get rid of such tags may cause the growth of multiple tags making the skin look more unsightly. Most people are also embarrassed because the tags are already so obvious and they just could not hide them.

Removing a skin tag is something you should learn about especially if you are struggling to get rid of these nasty tags for a long time already. Well, worry not because listed are some tips on how to deal with them and get rid of them for good.

Generally, skin tags are harmless but they could really look ugly and this is basically the reason why we would definitely want to get rid of them. If you are really bothered by it, have them removed. However, it would still be important that you go to a doctor to know what removal procedure would be most appropriate for you.

There are many removal methods you can choose from. Depending on what your doctor advises you to do, you can choose something you will be comfortable doing. Of course, it is also important that you are financially prepared for it because some procedures are quite costly.

The remover options can vary from surgical and medical procedures to more natural remedies. Here is a review of tag away product. Surgical procedures include cutting the tag off, burning, or freezing the tag. Laser treatments are also used to get rid of the tags.

If you want to settle for less expensive removing methods, you can always choose to use natural remedies such as onions, honey, apple cider vinegar, and dandelions.