For everyday exercises, soccer balls are usually used for its best quality. The reason is that when the soccer ball is used for various types of soccer style and its use is also more frequently, the ball can be damaged. One of the brands that produce soccer ball Nike soccer balls. The brand has great quality as well. If the soccer ball for this exercise is damaged, then it should be replaced with the new one. And if the soccer practice is done regularly then the possibility of damage will be greater. So, the soccer balls need to be of high quality.

Nike Soccer Balls

In a soccer match like the national or international league, it is better to use the best soccer ball. The original football is always an option in a soccer game. In addition to convenience, the original soccer ball has a great quality and durability.

Every year, the world-class soccer balls are always available to be used. The soccer ball has an attractive design but it is also has a high quality. World class soccer ball price is also quite affordable that can be purchased by many people. Having an original soccer ball can give its own satisfaction for the owner, especially if the soccer ball is the best soccer ball from a world-class brand like Nike soccer balls.

But now there is more and faker soccer ball circulating in the market. The models and designs are also made as closely as possible with the original soccer ball of this brand. If you are not careful then you will buy the fake one. In terms of price, there are people who sell fake soccer balls at a price that is almost the same as the original soccer ball. Of course, this will be more negative to consumers who have paid the price of fake soccer balls but the price is similar to the original one.

Nike Soccer Ball

How to Differentiate the Original Nike Soccer Balls with the Fake One

In order to make you able distinguish the original soccer ball from the famous brand like Nike with the fake one, you need to read this post.

1. Price

The price of original Nike soccer balls will definitely be sold at a more expensive price. Look for the first reference of some stores to compare the original football price. Cheap soccer balls are now widely circulated in the market, so you must remain cautious. The fake soccer balls are now also sold at a price that is almost the same as the original soccer ball. Therefore, you should first compare the prices of several Nike stores. Other than that,do not be easily fooled by discounts since it can be a fake soccer ball.

2. Surface material

The original soccer ball usually uses material from animal skin and PVC. If you hold the ball, it will feel light and it has a good reflection power. Fake soccer balls are usually made of synthetic rubber. If observed, the seams on the original Nike soccer balls are hexagonal in equal measure. While the fake seams are less neat and the size is not the same.