A safe and durable Baby Travel System that gives your money’s worth is every parents dream. A good stroller travel system should suit not just the baby but the parent also. There are different factors that a new mom or dad should be aware of when purchasing a travel system for the baby. Well, your baby and you will be using it for quite a long period.

One of the main concerns should obviously be safety of the baby. You would not want your stroller to stroll off with your baby when you take those five minutes to catch up with an old friend or bend down to pick up the purse you dropped. You would also prefer your baby to have a smooth ride.

Bumpy roads could wake your child from it’s peaceful slumber. Well, what if the stroller system has enough storage space so that you need not carry around a bulky bag with you? That would obviously make those evening walks to the park enjoyable.

Of the different products under the Baby Travel System category available in the market, Bitrax B-Agile Travel System stands out. Here’s a complete review of the BRITAX car seat website.

This is the one travel system that has all the features that you would look for in an ideal travel cum stroller system. To start with, this is a compact and light weight product. Weighing less than 17 lbs, you can easily carry it around. This three wheeler stroller provides excellent balance. It can also be easily folded with just one hand.

How to Buy a Baby Stroller and Travel System

The seat, back support, head rest, shoulder pad and even the buckle strap are made of very soft material and are well padded giving your baby a very comfortable experience. The seat had a variety of recline positions so that you can position your baby the way it likes – sitting up straight or lying down or in a that comfy lazy position. This stroller comes with an extra large canopy with a peek-a-boo window.

The mesh windows of the peek-a-boo and mesh cover at the back of the seat provide good ventilation. These mesh windows can be covered with an attached weather cover if it is too sunny or drizzling. The height of the harness can be easily adjusted to suit your baby’s height.

In fact, this stroller system can easily accommodate a kid of around five years of age. The five point harness design has a center release button. With waist and shoulder harnesses independently adjustable and easily separable, you need not worry about your child getting entrapped in the stroller. The harness lengths can also be changed to fit your child.

Baby Travel Systems Buying Guide

In order to enhance safety, the harness material of Britax travel system is patterned with reflective material so that the straps will be visible even in dim lit areas. The simple parking breaks that can be locked by just stepping on the peddle adds to the safety of your baby.

Push the peddle up to unlock all the three wheels at the same time. With good suspension on all three wheels, your baby gets a smooth ride even along uneven paths. The front wheels can be locked out to be fixed in a straight position ensuring that you get a sturdy control of the stroller when travelling along difficult paths like sand or dirt paths, cobblestone etc.

With a large under seat storage basket and a large pocket on the back of the seat you need not worry about carrying extra baggage. Among the other thoughtful accessories that come with this wonderful travel system is the adult cup holder. The adult cup holder can be attached to the stroller frame using the included over mounting bracket.

You can get easy access to your favorite drink without juggling with the contents in the storage area. The mounting bracket if attached 1-2 inches above the middle canopy snap need not be removed when folding the stroller. You might want to know

What To Look For When Buying A Stoller Travel System?

The click and go system incorporated in to your Britax stroller can easily accommodate your Britax infant car seat without the need for any additional adapters. You need not be a mechanic or tech expert to do this. All you need is push the holders in place and pop in your Britax infant car seat.

Non-Bitrax car seats can also be attached by installing an infant car seat adapter. With the car seat attached, the stroller now functions as an excellent travel system. Recline the seat of the stroller slightly to provide enough room for the car seat.

With more useful accessories like the child tray that can be attached to the Click and Go system, the transparent rain cover, the UV/Mosquito net and the travel bag, the Bitrax B-Agile is the infant travel you do not want to miss. Bitrax travel system reviews by customers from around the globe are testimony enough to encourage any parent to purchase the Britax B-Agile Baby travel system.